Three Ways To Speed Up Your DIY Home Construction Project

Posted on: 2 September 2017

Orchestrating your own home remodeling project, whether you're building an addition or just re-designing a bathroom, can save you a lot of money. But one problem people often run into when they choose the DIY route is that the project takes forever. You don't want to live for months with your bathroom or shambles or a wall missing from the side of your home, so utilize these tips to speed up the pace of your next home construction project:

Rent a Dumpster For the Demo

Just ripping out the old materials can take a long time if you have to dispose of it in a municipal trash can or haul it all to a dump yourself. Renting a dumpster can really speed up your demolition process. As you rip out old materials, you can just toss them straight into the dumpster. And this is a tank that any family member can do, allowing them to contribute to the project even if they don't have a lot of DIY building skills. When the dumpster is full, the rental service will come pick it up and your mess will be gone.

Plan Your Budget In Advance

One reason why homeowners sometimes have to take remodeling projects slowly is that they run into unexpected costs along the way. For instance, you might go to buy the bathroom tile, only to find out it costs $500 more than you were planning for. You can expedite the remodeling process by deciding on a budget up front. Then, price all of your materials so there are no surprises. If the initial materials you want are more costly than you can afford, then you'll need to decide where to cut back. Do all of this before you start demolishing walls or rebuilding anything.

Schedule When You Work On the Project

There will be days you come home from work and don't really feel like working on remodeling. Relaxing once in a while is fine, but if you give in too often, weeks or months will pass and your project won't be getting completed. You can help minimize this "slacking off" by scheduling times when you will work on the project. Put them in your phone and treat them as a priority similar to a work meeting. Arranging to have friends come over and help may encourage you to stick to your schedule, too, since you won't want to have to call them and cancel.

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