Own A Student Apartment Building? 3 Ways You Can Keep Your Property Litter Free

Posted on: 21 April 2016

If you own an apartment building, it is important to keep the property maintained outside and inside. One important thing you have to do is to make sure all trash is picked up outside on a regular basis. If it piles up, it not only makes your apartment complex look bad, but it is enticing to rodents and insects.  The first thing you should do is to install a dumpster, and then manage it correctly.

Set a Schedule with the Dumpster Company

Talk with the dumpster company about picking up the trash in the dumpster on a set schedule. Because you own a student apartment building, increase the pickup schedule in the spring when students may be moving out to go home for the summer. As they are packing, they may throw a lot of things away. Depending on the size of your apartment complex, ask the dumpster company to come once a week, twice a week, or more.

Establish Rules

Establish set rules for your tenants. For example, they should not throw certain items into the dumpsters, such as electronics, appliances, and furniture. If you allow these things to be put into the dumpster, it will fill it up very quickly, and may increase your disposal costs. You should also set a rule that all trash must be bagged and tied to reduce loose trash spilling into the dumpster, as well as blowing out of it. Put these rules on paper and pass them out to each apartment owner to make sure they see them. You should also post these rules close to the dumpster.

Keep People Out

You may have people outside your apartment complex bring their trash to your dumpster, and some of these things may be large, like furniture. This may add up to extra costs to you if the dumpster company has to pick up this extra garbage. It will also make the dumpster area look messy.

One way you can take care of this problem is to install bright motion sensor lights in the area, along with a security camera. Place the camera where you will most likely get the person, as well as the license plate of their vehicle. Put up a sign that says you will prosecute trespassers.

If you continue to have a problem, consider putting a fence and gate around the dumpster with a coded lock or a padlock on the gate. Give each tenant the code or a key.

Keeping your student apartment complex well-maintained will help allure future tenants to rent from you. People are more apt to pass an apartment complex by if is visually unappealing due to loose trash. Talk to a professional like Tajiri Demolition & Disposal LLC for more information.


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